Dan Yuhas


1111-111-perc. Pno-11111

“The piece is dedicated to my dear friend, composer Noa Blass. Her colorful figure was present in my mind during the whole composition process: full of wisdom and innocence, imagination and intuition, seriousness and humor. The gongs she loved so much, composed for and used as a tool to treat the sick, and which were a part of her being, were an inspiration for me when composing the piece.

The piece starts with the cello solo, a meditative murmuring, and gradually the entire ensemble joins in. From time to time the solo cello conducts a dialogue with other instruments in the ensemble, including the second cello. The fast, energetic character turns into a lyrical mood. The piece ends with a cadenza, the notes climbing higher and higher until they disappear.”

“Tenuot” is composed in one movement, divided into sections culminating in dynamic peaks. The piece is characterized by expressive melodic lines (like Yuhas’ style in general) that spread in wide ranges. The melodic and harmonic material emanate from the opening motives of the cello solo. The extensive linear progression is particularly apparent in the solo cello part, whose relation to the other instruments in the ensemble are characterized by changing moods and textures – from dense polyphony to transparent two- and three-part counterpoint accompanied by chords.

 Yossi Peles

This work was commissioned by the Israel Contemporary Players with a grant from the Ernst Von Siemens Foundation.

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