Dan Yuhas


2221-1110-pno, harp perc. – 2-2-2-2-1

Concertato” means “together”, “in agreement” (the two ensembles), but it also alludes to the Brandenburg concerto (No. 1 ), from which comes most of the material of this piece.

The slow introduction opens with a cluster of the notes derived from the name BACH.
The chromatic texture of the cluster and its interval of the minor third (and its inversion – the sixth) manifest themselves throughout the whole piece.

The faster part draws its material from the Brandenburg Concerto No. 1 (first movement and beginning of the second). It starts with the snare drum, which plays the rhythm of the first entrance of the oboe in the Brandenburg Concerto. To this motoric rhythm I added the triplets played by the horns in the concerto and this contrasting rhythm has an important role in the entire piece. All these elements, together with the trill-like motive from the oboe’s solo, are transformed to a completely different entity.

The persistent triplets form a background for a brief recapitulation of the themes and the piece ends with a violin solo, joined by another violin (one from each ensemble) and both disappear, leaving behind the opening cluster, which vanishes too

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